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Car of the Month - April 2000
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, 1920, #72GE,
Brewster Sedanca Cabriolet

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Brewster Sedanca Cabriolet

Brewster & Co., a very old (okay, by American standards), internationally known and respected coachbuilder had reached a pinnacle of its success when in 1878 the company's entries at the Paris Exposition won highest awards. Hence the New York based coachbuilder's world-wide reputation had its roots in the era of horse drawn vehicles. Their first experience on a Rolls-Royce chassis dated from 1908. In 1914, Brewster & Co. became sales agents for Rolls-Royce, Ltd. The company had moved into a huge new building at Queensboro Plaza, Long Island City; most carefully Rolls-Royce had chosen a top address in the trade as their agent. Brewster & Co. built bodies for quite a few Rolls-Royce chassis which had been imported directly from England by owners or dealers in addition to those which they themselves did import.

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Brewster Sedanca CabrioletThe Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost built prior to the Great War had earned the much envied slogan "The Best Car in the World". The cars built after hostilities had ceased remained the best money could buy as these were improved by light alloy pistons and electric self starters to name but the most important from a variety of modifications. Hence this Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, chassis number #72GE can be considered as a fine amalgamation of the best that was available both sides of the Atlantic. The body as a Sedanca Cabriolet offered rear seat passengers the snug comfort of a limousine when fully enclosed; the chauffeur might have been in a more exposed position with the hood above his place rolled back. But there was the choice too to fold down the top completely and enjoy to travel on board a cabriolet.


Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Engine

However this Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost wasn't employed too often, being but one of five cars in the family it was used as a "Town Car". When laid up in 1932 the mileage was a mere 7,000 miles.  Very few miles were added since the car was found some time ago. It was carefully checked over and started and runs particularly quietly and well. The Silver Ghost is totally original including paint and interior. Neither the engine nor other technical components have been subject to any alterations - with the fine effect, that nothing had been treated insufficiently. At present the car is offered for sale in England. The price is £135,000, should you be interested, contact Rossfeldt Archives and e-mails, faxes or letters will be forwarded to the owner.

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Brewster Sedanca Cabriolet

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