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Car of the Month - April 2004
Bentley Mark VI, 1950, #B484
Standard Steel Sports Saloon

„Attention to Detail“ was Lord Hives’ reply to the question what made Rolls-Royce and Bentley motor cars of outstanding quality. Lord Hives was chairman of Rolls-Royce and his motto was more than a slogan – inside the works his word was law. This Bentley Mark VI is a fine example of the extraordinary care the manufacturer took down to minor details as regards adaptions deemed necessary to meet the specifications of export markets. This car was built to the order of a client in Canada.

Front and rear bumpers are non-standard, their rather flat design is reminiscent of what was to be found on creations from Freestone & Webb; front and rear aprons, of course, are adapted accordingly. The chromed device to carry the front number plate is entirely different from the version that was standard on right-hand drive cars. It is worth mentioning that the plate sported an oval cut-out to use the handle – in case the starter motor failed to succeed – and start the engine in the ‘old-fashioned way’. There is a difference in the tail-area, too, which might not be obvious at a quick glance: The lower half of the two-piece bootlid doesn’t show the provision for an internally illuminated rear number plate or one placed under a glass-cover. Canadian regulations at that time didn’t permit either. Hence on this car you'll find a specially formed lower tailgate fitted with non-standard rear number plate light and two reverse lamps.

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A view under the bonnet reveals what for some might be surprising: the mixture is provided by a single Stromberg downdraught carburettor and not by twin SU carburettors. Quite a few books about Bentley motor cars are available and many of these contain “Technical Data”. Very often though the fact is neglected that the left-hand drive Bentley Mark VI from chassis-series A to P instead of the usual twin SU carburettors were fitted with the Stromberg carburettor type AAV26. To find that on #B484LEY is a hint as regards the unspoiled original condition of this car. Original and complete as on the very day the car was handed over to its first owner (a Canadian tycoon in timber trade) a lockable drawer under the dashboard does contain all small tools.


A plate made from sterling silver is attached to the dashboard; engraved is the information: “26 July 1966, 100,000 Miles”. The car continued to provide reliable service during the following period – although some signs of ageing could be detected. These were dealt with accordingly. The coachwork was checked, some corrosion rectified and the work finished with a complete respray. ‘Dove Grey’ was chosen as colour of new carpets, new headling and new leather trim of the seats. After the Bentley Mark VI had made its way to this side of the Atlantic some additional work was carried out to guarantee the car complied with German legislation. “Attention to Detail” throughout that action, too, for example the traffic indicators are new units made to a design from the 50ies. This car is offered for sale at a price of 34,000 EURO. A chance to acquire a rare left-hand drive Bentley Mark VI that is complete and has lavishly been cared for during all his life. If interested you should contact

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