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Car of the Month - April 2008
Bentley Arnage,  1999, #XCH02582

Sports Saloon

This is a Bentley Arnage from a fairly early stage of that particular model’s production run. But at a quick glance there is hardly a chance to determine this is an early Bentley Arnage. Due to an extensive package of modifications having been executed this car obviously is different from what had been offered as series-standard ex-factory. Though is needs to be explained that almost from the start of this series a magnitude of extras could be specified by a discerning client when ordering his or her car. But special 20" light alloy wheels like those shown here had never found their way onto the list of extras offered by Bentley. That can be said as regards the side air vents, too; such became an option at some later stage and even standard on certain models from later series – though in more moderate form. Worthy a note are quadruple exhaust pipes and a wire mesh insert in the specially formed rear bumper.

Bentley Arnage

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As regards this car's interior the picnic-tables set into the back of the front seats obviously are extraordinary in size and in design. These are distinctively different from what usually is to be found placed in that position. A considerable number of other cars from this model-series do not sport any picnic-tables at all and merely plain leather is to be found with a flap to store maps, etc.

Bentley Arnage

All in all attractive features enhancing this one-off creation by Darren Collins (GB).

Bentley Arnage

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