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Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, 89/91,#SCAZS00KCH26441
Hooper State Landaulette

Silver Spirit Hooper State Landaulette

When this car was created by Hooper's craftsmen, they made something without equal as regards one of the "mainstream-models" from Rolls-Royce, i.e. Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit and Rolls-Royce Silver Spur. As a basis a brand-new 1989 Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit was chosen and more than two years passed prior to the work being finished. This Landaulette was a "coachbuilt" car in the finest tradition and it remained a unique creation. Not just by coincidence no more orders were placed at Hooper's - the same year 1991 had seen the Mulliner Park Ward works at Hythe Road been closed with but a few rests of Rolls-Royce's coachbuilding division being transferred to Crewe and amalgamated with the production process there.

By extending the body length by 1,016 mm Hooper had arranged for sufficient room, both front and rear doors and rear quarter panels had been remanufactured in new dimensions. That was necessary because the roof line had been raised by 74 mm too including door aperture height increased by 50 mm. Thus better access to the vehicle was gained - similarly comfortable like that of the huge "Phantom" models (the last of which were made in 1991 actually).

Silver Spirit Hooper State Landaulette - Interior
In addition to a an electrically operated Landaulette hood a removable targa panel allowed rear passengers to stand for ceremonial occasion. In addition there was a sliding sunroof that could be adjusted separately. The equipment did include all the goodies, which were available as Extras at the beginning of the 90ies. Cocktail cabinets of course with a variety of chilled drinks and slide out veneered drawers housing lead crystal champagne flutes. Solid silver ladies vanity accessories were on board - these had been made to order by Asprey, the Royal Jewellers of London with his and hers manicure sets. State of the art audio- and video equipment - with a liquid crystal colour television which at that time was also unheard of - ensured top quality "in car entertainment" controlled by infrared remote control. Of course laptop computer, modem and satellite communication had been added to the equipment. And none of all these high-tech goods did harm the general impression that this was a Rolls-Royce with an interior to that standard which only could be achieved by a top coachbuilder. The rear compartment war finished in the finest Silver Grey velour (only the chauffeur and the detective found their seats trimmed with leather), and the seats were electrically operated and heated. Fully veneered rear door panels and dado rails with feathered cross banding showed a tiny variation in the front compartment - more tinted to compliment the exterior colour of the vehicle.

Silver Spirit Hooper State LandauletteThe list of extras alone does fill five pages in Hooper's documents -and neither a single word has been said about the alterations to the body necessary to gain that stability which is expected from a Rolls-Royce nor a single word about the fine-tuning to transmission and suspension. Well, the exact price is mentioned (excluding tax and shipping) - but not a single word shall be mentioned here about that...

Silver Spirit Hooper State Landaulette

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