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Car of the Month - August  2003
Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, #BD2, 1915,
Hamshaw Sedanca de Ville

Very few bodies were mounted by Hamshaw on Rolls-Royce chassis. This might be a result of the fact that the company didn’t decide to start building motor car bodies until 1907, although the coachbuilder H.A. Hamshaw Ltd. had been established in 1865. It might be result of another fact, too: residing in Leicester the company couldn’t expect to find many prospective clients because they were quite some distance from the centre of the British Empire. By 1926 Hamshaw (sometimes written Hamshaws) had ceased coachbuilding.

This car was made to the order of Captain H. Whitworth and is listed in the Standard Reference Book “The Edwardian Rolls-Royce” as a Limousine. Most presumably that description was taken from the company records – although obviously this design is a Sedanca de Ville. The car was sold to the USA during the period of the Kaiser War; in 1918 it was owned by Mrs. Alfred Du Pont of Wilmington, Delaware. For some 40 years the car remained in Delaware but later it did cross the Atlantic Ocean quite a few times. It is listed with different owners in the United Kingdom though in between there are hints that the car was offered for sale at auction that took place in the US.

As per present knowledge the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost is now in the custody of a collector in the USA. It is not known whether or not the crest (probably that of the late Commander Macdonald-Hall, who owned this Sedanca de Ville in the 80ies?) is still to be found attached to the rear doors and the leather bags inside.


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