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Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit


Car of the Month - June 2009
Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, 1988, #KCH24601

  Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

„It can take three months to build a Rolls-Royce. But usually it takes longer.” This has been a statement in a publication from Rolls-Royce from the period when the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit was in production. Step by step the process of manufacturing components of incredibly fine quality was described and how to combine these into "The Best Car in the World". One of the final tasks was to add the Owner's Manual – and that was one, of course, in the language spoken in that part of the world where the car was to be delivered.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

When in June this year the Rolls-Royce Enthusiasts' Club invited to their Annual Rally at Kelmarsh Hall (a manor situated some 60 miles North of London) the club celebrated an anniversary meeting – the 50th Annual Rally. Among the cars that had been brought by members from many countries there was one registered in Iceland; hence from reportedly only 5 Rolls-Royce registered in Iceland 20% were present at the RREC Annual Rally. The glove compartment of this particular car did not contain an Owner's Manual in the language that is spoken by the inhabitants of the island in the North Atlantic; the Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit had been delivered in the UK and at some later stage made its way to the island in the North, hence the handbook was in English.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

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The „V8“-emblem attached to the bootlid is non-original and also the wooden steering wheel is non-standard – however as regards the condition of coachwork and interior as well as its drivetrain this car did appear to be fine. When many years ago at Rolls-Royce more than three months had been invested to build this motor car that job had been done painstakingly careful. Obviously over the years the car had been driven and serviced properly.

No doubt it is essential when studying the Owner's Manual there shouldn't be a “language barrier”. There doesn’t need to be one because for Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit and Bentley Mulsanne are available ex-stock Owner's Manuals in:
* Arabic
* German
* French
* Spanish
* Italian
and, of course, in the English language. Enquiries (also for other model series) to:

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

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