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Car of the Month - February 2003
Bentley Arnage RL, 2001, #SCBLE31E0 1CX07628

Bentley Arnage RL

Bentley Motors were fully aware they would have to cope in a more competitive environment. From 2003 the new Rolls-Royce, to be built by a BMW subsidiary after the separation of the marques, would be a formidable competitor. Daimler had announced to add the new Maybach as a flagship of their model range. Neither were other large companies such as General Motors idling.

Bentley Arnage RL

Autumn 2001 saw the launch of the Arnage RL by Bentley Mulliner at the Frankfurt Motor Show. It was a long-wheelbase limousine, based on the mainstream model, the Bentley Arnage. Extending the body by 250 mm provided maxiumum comfort for rear seat passengers. Bentley Motors' specialist personal commissioning department is Bentley Mulliner. The name Mulliner had a tremendously fine reputation, dating back to the Golden Era of independent coachbuilders among which H.J. Mulliner - and Arthur Mulliner as well - had been famous for particularly fine creations on Bentley chassis.. 

Bentley Arnage RLThe Arnage RL was an impressive 'tour de force' showing the level of bespoke coachwork done in-house at the Crewe factory. Mulliner employed 120 people there - as per demand of modern times electronics specialists had been added to the staff of coachbuilders, coach trimmers and cabinet makers, who performed 'traditional skills'. The car shown here is the result of their work - the first Arnage RL by Bentley Mulliner. Bentley's pre-eminence in the field of hand-made cars was to continue, future competition had been recognised as a chance, not as a risk.

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Bentley Arnage RL

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