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Hooper Two-Door Bentley Turbo R, 1989,

Two-Door Bentley Turbo R

Hooper had become famous during the era of horse-drawn vehicles with their exquisitely decked-out carriages and coaches. Quite a few of these found their way into the mews of numerous royal households. After changing over to coachbuilding for motor cars the company became one of the most highly regarded coachbuilders. For decades Hooper enjoyed the position to be authorised coachbuilder for Rolls-Royce and Bentley.

By creating the two-door version of the Bentley Turbo R pure understatement was shown. At a quick glance this motor car isn't recognised as one enhanced by bespoke coachwork instead of the four dour standard body. Non-ostentatious paintwork in "British Racing Green" has a fair share in this Bentley Turbo R being recognised as a very special vehicle only by those who know.

Two-Door Bentley Turbo R

Wide doors offer comfortable access - even for rear seat passengers. These doors were made by skilful craftsmen; as were the unique forms to produce the non-standard side-lights. Subtle design-changes didn't alter the basic lines, however included for example a smaller rear light and NASA air ducts to the bonnet. The idea had been to include alterations exactly to a demanding client's specifications and to do so without compromising the manufacturer's quality standard.

Two-Door Bentley Turbo R

The same intention was complied with as regards the interior. The seats were trimmed in ivory-coloured leather with green piping; their exceptional comfort almost makes one forget that additional motors and control units had been added. These allow to move the seats to a well forward position thus enabling comfortable access to the rear seats. Ashtray and cigar lighter had been re-positioned to a compartment attached to the door. The client had expressed the wish to have no ashtray on the centre console...

Hooper Two-Door Bentley Turbo R, Interior

The Hooper Two-Door Saloon had been designed caringly so as to reflect the owner's personal style.

Two-Door Bentley Turbo R

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