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Car of the Month - January 2004
Bentley Continental GT, 2003, #SCBCE63W8 4CO20019

Bentley Continental GT

Bentley Continental GT2004 will see an increasing number of this Gran Tourismo Coupé driven on streets all over the world. First deliveries have started in Europe and will commence in America from April 2004 onward and in Japan during autumn of this year. The production figure as per business plan became re-adjusted, i.e. more cars will be made to meet demand and avoid unacceptable delays in delivery. It is no secret though that despite the higher production figure dealers in Germany regret to report there exists a “Waiting List”. But then Bentley Motors couldn't have but desire that their expectations would be exceeded - not least this success fully justifies the enormous investment in transforming the Crewe factory into one of the most advanced plants in the world.

The essential statement - it is the skill and input from a dedicated workforce at the place where Bentley has been based for more than 7 decades, that results in the Continental GT's solitary position amongst any models made by VW. After the take-over of the “Winged B” by a company that is a “global player” inevitably the question arose: Would the Bentley benefit from having moved under the wings of a multinational parent company?

Bentley Continental GT Engine

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First hints as to what might be expected were up-dates - in rather quick succession - to the existing model range during recent years. The return to the racecourse culminating in the Bentley Speed 8 finishing first in the 2003 “Le Mans 24 Hours” demonstrated that Bentley spread their wings. The new Bentley Continental GT gives clear evidence now there is a healthy basis. After all the key factor is the acceptance for a product by discriminating customers. There has never been one single year during the long and exciting history of Bentley that showed production figures similar or even near to those noted for the year 2004 and the Bentley Continental GT.

Not only one figure as mentioned above had to be re-adjusted. That was necessary, too, as regards a figure from the specifications. Bentley Motors stated a top-speed of 318 km/h (ca. 198 mph) - but during one of the first test-runs a Bentley Continental GT passed a precisely calibrated photoelectric beam at 329.1 km/h (ca. 205 mph).

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