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Car of the Month - January 2018
Bentley S1, 1957, #B252BG
Standard 4-Door-Saloon

Bentley S1

Quite some time ago at a specialised workshop not too far away the 1957 Bentley S1, #B252EG, was spotted while it benefited there from regular maintenance as per service intervals quoted in the handbook. Exactly for such reason our ‘Household-Rolls-Royce’, a Silver Cloud I, was there, too. However our transport did return home afterwards whereas the Bentley S1 was driven to the harbour of Rotterdam (The Netherlands) to become shipped to South America. Although the owner of the Bentley S1 most months of each year lives in Switzerland, his 1957 Bentley S1 remains registered with a residence of his in Germany. That explains why a car with a registration reading ‘K’ (for Koeln/Cologne, Germany) did appear at the start of the 2500-miles rallye "Chile Argentina Road Classic 2017".

Indeed that was a really tough and most demanding tour which is reflected by the fact that only 7 from the field of 15 starters did finish. The Bentley S1 behaved absolutely impeccable and stood the stress of being driven at high altitudes with considerable stretches of gravel-road (some 400 miles) instead of macadam unimpressed.

Bentley S1

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 And #B252EG did provide much higher level comfort to his rallye-team than any of the other contenders, be that English-made cars or Detroit iron. When another participant had the mishap of his Lagonda failing Oliver Franz with his Bentley S1 towed that car to the next town with a garage over a considerable distance including passes in the Andes peaking higher than 14.000 feet! At that altitude the temperatures were below zero degree.

Bentley S1

Only those who are not familiar with the quality and strength of an elderly Bentley will perhaps feel surprised that the S1 prior to this adventure in South America had been considered OK to tackle that task after a standard service as per schedule – and didn’t miss a single beat. Well, it is but fair to mention that there has been particular preparation for that rallye: Oliver at the start in Chile had taken off the wheel discs.

Bentley S1

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