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Car of the Month - July 2005
Bentley S1, 1956, #B15Ap
H.J. Mulliner 2-Door Sports Saloon

Bentley S1

This motor car is unique - H.J. Mulliner built such a variant just once on a Bentley S1 chassis. The model remained almost unknown because you had to search for quite some time before before you could find it appearing in print anywhere. The design, of course, is well known. Front wings running through to the tail in an unbroken line, accentuated by the superimposed rear wings, are a key feature of quite a few 4-door saloons from which the "Flying Spur" was developed as the H.J. Mulliner 4-door creation on the Bentley S1 Continental chassis.

Bentley S1

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Bentley S1

Rear seat occupants can’t detect any considerable compromise as regards interior space on this two-door version – they enjoy plenty of room. The wide doors offer comfortable access to the rear seats. Well worth mentioning is the fascia’s splendid „crossband veneer“, the hallmark of very skilled master craftsmen. One or the other might note that the filler cap isn’t located as on standard saloons. Indeed it wasn’t too exceptional if ex-factory chassis were delivered to coachbuilders with the wedge-shaped Continental fuel tank with the filler on the opposite side.

Bentley S1

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