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Rolls-Royce - The Classic Elegance


Car of the Month - July 2011
Rolls-Royce Phantom III, 1936, #3AZ22,
Limousine by Hooper


Rolls-Royce Phantom III

Quite a few Rolls-Royce Phantom III exist which are powered by a B80-engine. The B80-engine is an 8-cylinder in-in-engine that had been produced by Rolls-Royce – in considerable numbers – after WWII for industrial purposes and to be used e.g. for commercial trucks. Originally not a single Rolls-Royce Phantom III had ever been delivered with another than the V12-engine. It is a fact though that the work on demanding service and rather complicated repair of the advanced V12-engine were neither easy nor inexpensive.

Phantom II Engine

Hence from time to time the decision was taken to substitute the engine by a simpler one that could be maintained on fairly low budget. Purists might complain the originality of the car was lost for ever. It can hardly be denied though that certain Rolls-Royce Phantom III thus were given a “second life” and still enjoy to be used in traffic instead of having fallen victim to breaker’s yard activities. The Rolls-Royce Phantom III, #3AZ22, had been Rolls-Royce trials car until 1938; hence it might be taken for granted this one had been maintained most properly. However during its later life there did occur reason to substitute the engine by one from another Phantom III. Engine no. Z28D was transplanted from #3CM31 (that one had been re-bodied as a hearse and made do with a B60-engine). After some time had passed it was considered to stop to propel this car by a V12-engine. A B80 8-cylinder in-line-engine was chosen to work under the bonnet.

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The manufacturer never had arranged for a Workshop Manual to be compiled for this model. Hence obviously the problem grew that over the years the vast knowledge of experienced mechanics might dwindle. The problem was tackled by a group of enthusiasts who founded "The Phantom III Technical Society". They collected whatever Technical Service Documents, Bulletins, etc. were available from the factory and added an impressive number of most detailed technical reports, often based on hands-on experience. Further activities included Technical Seminars and to arrange for short-run new production of obsolete components; at present a proposal is checked as regards a new series of PIII engine blocks to be cast.

Phantom III Engine

Not least the detailed information from Stephe Boddice book „The Forgotten Engine“ (45 GBP plus p+p from Boddice, Churchill Old Farm, Churchill nr. Kidderminster, Worcs. DY10 3L2, Great Britain, might help to convince owners that in future V12-engines should be overhauled properly instead of opting for an entirely different power plant. The book provides a step-by-step procedure of dismantling, rebuilding and reassembling the fabulous Phantom III V12 for first-timer or pro.

Phantom III

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