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Bentley Mark VI

Bentley - L'avenir pour défi 



Car of the Month - July 2016
Bentley Mark VI, 1950, #B389DZ
Fixhead Coupe by Abbott

Bentley Mark VI

Edward Dixon Abbott set up his company E.D. Abbott Ltd. at Wrecclesham nr Farnham in Surrey in 1929 after having taken over premises and equipment and some of the staff, too, of coachbuilders Page & Hunt. After World War II coachbuilding activities’ re-start had to be adjusted to drastically altered economic and social conditions. Demand for one-off coachwork dwindled at a rapid rate with but a few bodies ordered e.g. for Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, Jowett, Lanchester or Rolls-Royce (which is not a complete list).

From the creations by Abbott on chassis Bentley Mark VI photos showing #B389DZ made that a sort of 'Mystery Car'. As per the motor car manufacturer’s documents it had been delivered in the form of a Drophead Coupé by Abbott. Based on such information it was listed in CC9 “Bentley Mk. VI” by Bernard King. Coachbuilder Abbott in its company brochure had made it a point that coachwork to their Design No. 3764 could be made to either Drophead or Fixed Head Coupé Specification.

Bentley Mark VI

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So it is a fair guess that the original sales sheet is wrong, and that the first sale was changed to a saloon-coupé? That was common before the war and not unheard of during the early 50ies. At least an attempt "to rationalize" is obvious because Abbott did use the majority of their body formers for both: this 2-door-saloon/fixed head coupe and for their drophead coupé, too.

der F. Roger of British Insulated Callander's Cables Ltd. and registered with the owner's personal registration GAA 1. During later years the drophead coupé was re-registered with different number plates and that might have caused some confusion whether or not various cars had been built to this design. Fact is that #B108AK is unique.

Bentley Mark VI

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