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Car of the Month - June 2008
Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit, 1986, #GCH15226

  Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

What does set a Rolls-Royce apart from everyday products that are mass produced cheaply for use by a “throw-away society” is the fact that certainly there is no “built-in obsolescence”. It is just the opposite that any Rolls-Royce is a creation of carefully selected materials having been perfectly well combined in meticulous craftsmanship to achieve a result that will last and give pleasure over a considerable period of time. This, of course, is only possible with a staff who is entirely dedicated to comply with such a company philosophy.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

The standard of production of modern motor cars during the 80ies had been to produce a great quantity at great speed, more and more introducing computer-controlled precision tools and acting such get as a result a certain quality standard. At Rolls-Royce however pure efficiency was not ranking top of the list; their attempt was to painstakingly assemble a motor car that satisfied the most discerning clients' needs. But one example is this Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit that is perfectly well made down to the finest detail – and this obviously is a modern and complex motor car. This one was even subject to some improvement and for such it was returned to the factory quite some time after having originally been delivered. The owner decided he wouldn’t like to part with the car he was familiar with although he had come to the conclusion that it could be made even more perfect to meet his particular desire.


Rolls-Royce’ reaction to their customer’s enquiry was their standard attitude: “The answer is YES! What is, please, your question?” and then the company’s coachbuilt division started to fit a board bar as it was such unit that had been considered by the owner to be the missing item that hindered him to believe his car was perfectly complete. The rear armrest was transformed and several storage cabinets – each one covered in leather matching perfectly well what had been used for the car’s interior trim – to stow some supply of drinks (and certainly the quantity was “sufficient”) were combined with a accommodation for a second mobile phone in addition to the one fitted between the car’s front seats. Thus even for the rather unlikely situation that there might occur a necessity to order additional supply there was an appropriate solution.

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The stock of drinks on board however was in no way limited to what the volume of the modified rear armrest offered. In addition a centre console was fitted that did part the room in front of the rear seat and stored there were a few more bottles plus a set of cut-crystal glasses. Built into the area between the front seats was a refrigerated compartment, sufficiently dimensioned to take beside bottles of champagne two champagne flutes so that these were chilled to exactly the desired temperature.

As mentioned at the start, a Rolls-Royce is set apart from mass-produced everyday products.

Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit

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