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Car of the Month - June  2019
Rolls-Royce Park Ward II, 2002, #SCALD61EX2CX19070


Rolls-Royce Park Ward

The Rolls-Royce Park Ward II is an almost 'forgotten model' by Rolls-Royce. Between 2000 and 2002 a mere 97 were made with lefthand-drive plus 27 with the steering wheel on the other side.  

There hadn't been an 'official' model designation 'Rolls-Royce Park Ward I' as a term used by the manufacturer. That most luxuriously equipped limousine with extended wheelbase was produced during second half of the 1990s. The manufacturer offered such stretch limousines even with door configuration as per clients' wishes and with raised roof, too. The company compiled an impressive catalogue for their Rolls-Royce Park Ward although merely a microscopic small number have been built. As per the manufacturer's parlance that model - sharing technical layout and major styling elements with the Silver Spirit/Silver Spur range - was listed as Rolls-Royce Park Ward.

The 'non-official' option 'Rolls-Royce Park Ward II' from later years was an attempt to separate the model Rolls-Royce Park Ward produced from 2000 until 2002  from the earlier model which had been marketed with the identical designation Rolls-Royce Park Ward. The Park Ward II was an entirely different car, developed from the new Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. The staff responsible for development and sales at the factory had changed; a considerable number of managers came from the new parent-company VW (after the take-over of the Crewe production plant). Gossip has it the new managers where from a generation with an attitude not to invest too much in research as regards company history. That might be an explanation why what appears senseless action in choosing model designations was repeated e.g. when the Bentley Mulsanne and later Bentley Brooklands were launched (there had been entirely different Bentley models with such designations previously) and they stumbled once more with the introduction of the Drophead Coupé Rolls-Royce Corniche sporting styling elements of the Silver Seraph (there had been an entirely different Rolls-Royce Corniche from 1971 onward).

Rolls-Royce Park Ward

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The craftsmen who built the car deserve the honour of having done their job unimpaired by such imponderables. Their immense skills guaranteed each and every Rolls-Royce Park Ward (II) became finished to an incredible high level. The car shown here is exemplary.

Rolls-Royce Park Ward

Originally delivered to Japan an impressive array of comfort features have been implemented; with no exception each one has been functioning perfectly well over the years and on roads of different quality on several continents. The Rolls-Royce Park Ward (II) reached a pinnacle in this particular segment – a worthy successor of the previous Rolls-Royce Park Ward (I).

Rolls-Royce Park Ward