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Car of the Month - March 2003
Bentley Eight, 1986, #SCBZS800XGCX15878

The drive for quality, durability and safety is endless and involves everybody at Bentley Motor Cars. That has been so for decades and certainly was so when in 1984 the new Bentley Eight was added to the model range. The Eight was intended to increase the appeal of the marque to “young entrepreneurs” who might not otherwise have considered a Bentley motor car. As regards quality no compromise had been accepted.

A thorough comparison to its sister models from Rolls-Royce showed the new model to offer a certain advantage. On the Bentley Eight – targeted at younger drivers - front suspension was stiffer and steering more precise. Indeed the front axle was almost the same standard as that of the very expensive Turbo; perhaps Rolls-Royce clients might have considered a tiny deficit on all important comfort.

All in all the Bentley Eight could be recognised as the lowest priced car in the Rolls-Royce range only because interior furnishings were slightly reduced (no crossband inlay but plain woodwork).

As regards external appearance there was a badge on the bootlid and a chrome wire mesh grille. However the company fitted whatever individual demand was expressed on the Eight as well as on any of their other models. Hence there was the option – like on this model – of fitting the standard radiator grille. An extra cost option were the distinctive alloy wheels, too, which in 1986 had been launched as standard on all other models. 


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Produced as a left-hand drive motor car in 1986 the Bentley Eight shown here as “Car of the Month” is still being employed as an everyday motor car. 17 years after having been delivered the car is at the start of that period, during which it will mature from standard transport into a collector’s item.

Bentley Eight

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