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Bentley Mark VI

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Car of the Month - March 2008
Bentley Mark VI,  1949, #B146DA

Abbott Drophead Coupé

Bentley Mark VI

E.D. Abbott Ltd. was not among the „big names’ like H.J. Mulliner or Park Ward where dozens of Bentley Mark VI received bespoke coachwork. Although a reason for that might have been that this coachbuilder had premises in Farnham, Surrey. A location in an rural area – even if not too much distance from London – was a disadvantage despite the facts this didn't mean any considerable difference as regards quality and certainly there were no problems as regards up-to-date design.

Bentley Mark VI

With no hesitation the company did show up for the first Earl’s Court International Motor Exhibition that took place in London after the end of World War II. From 27th October – 6th November 1948 their exhibit was a Bentley Mark VI drophead coupe. That one was enhanced by the attractive feature of electrically operated windows. With a price of 5,578 Pound Sterling (the purchase tax alone was almost 2,000 Pound) a prospective purchaser needed to be well-heeled..

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Bentley Mark VI

The following year this Bentley Mark VI with chassis no. #B146DA was finished and differed only in minor details from the one that had been a star of the show. The basic lines of the body are as per Abbott's Design No. 3768. On this particular car however standard handles had been preferred to electric windows. Not obvious perhaps from a quick glance is a feature from the pre-war period – Abbott had arranged for a windscreen frame that allowed to fix the windscreen in open position (by a mechanism attached to the A-posts).

It might have been the case that the rear mudguards were (partially?) re-panelled in the area of the rear wheel arches because Abbott usually delivered this model with rear wheelspats. However to check that would need to compare the outward appearance of the car as it is nowadays with what it looked like on contemporary photos from the period when it was new or to find a note in documents related to this car. After all it was one major advantage of a low-volume coachbuilder that in any case utmost care was invested to fulfil specific desires of a client.

Bentley Mark VI

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