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Car of the Month - March 2023
Bentley S2, 1960, #B206BS
Convertible by H.J. Mulliner
H.M. The King Frederik IX of Denmark (1899 – 1972)

Bentley S2

In 1960 a V8-engined Bentley S2, #B206BS, was delivered to the Royal Danish Household. The Drophead Coupé coachwork was by H.J. Mulliner. This car substituted the 1956 Bentley S1 Drophead Coupé by H.J. Mulliner  which previously had been employed by H.M. King Frederik IX of Denmark. The car's colour was a peculiar dark shade of blue which in Denmark had became known as 'Konga Blue', i.e. 'King’s Blue'.

Bentley S2

lose inspection showed the car featured certain peculiarities, e.g. was delivered with no ‘Winged B’ mascot on top of the radiator. As preferred by His Majesty to the flanks of the front mudguards, too, extra flashing indicators had been fitted. The London firm of Negretti & Zambra had supplied an altimeter and that instrument was fitted to the dashboard of the Royal Bentley S2, #B206BS. The V8-engine with its fairly high compression (if compared to engines from previous model generations) wasn’t alien from ‘pinking’ when operating at high altitudes, e.g. going over steep Alpine passes when travelling to Italy. The problem of mixture becoming weak at high altitudes and ignition needing to be adjusted accordingly could be eliminated. The operation of setting ignition as recommended for high altitudes was described precisely in the Owner’s Manual. To insist on an altimeter becoming fitted gives a clue the King was very well informed as regards technical issues.r

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Benley S2

A note in the factory records is proof the Winged B mascot had been supplied as a loose item. That is an indication opposite to standard fixed mascots in this case a detachable one had been arranged for.

Bentley S2

5 years later the Bentley S2 passed into the custody of another member of the Royal Family of the Scandinavian Kingdom. H.R.H. Prince Georg took it to London where he did live and work. By that time a new Bentley S3 Continental had been acquired as transport for H.M The King. Later the Danish Embassy in London became owner of the 'old' Bentley S2 and in 1978 it was sold.

Bentley S2

At some later stage the car made its way to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and an American owner arranged for conversion to lefthand-drive. The car returned to the European Continent where it was cherished by owners first in Switzerland and then in Austria. The present owner – whose father had invested considerably in a restoration of the car that included a bare metal respray - recently decided to offer this motor car for sale.

Bentley S2

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