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Car of the Month - May 2001
Bentley R, 1954, #B77WG
Standard Steel Sports Saloon

When in 1980 the Loire Valley (F) with its magnificent castles was toured, the Bentley showed tow-tone paintwork in the "correct" scheme.

The first model introduced by Bentley Motors (1931) Ltd. after WWII was the Bentley Mark VI. As a result of the parent company Rolls-Royce's intention of greatly increasing the volume of motor car output the bold step was taken to offer the car with standard steel saloon coachwork (of course chassis cum engine remained an option). When in 1952 the Bentley R was launched it was more or less a Mark VI re-designed by J.P. Blatchley, who by then had been promoted to the position of chief styling engineer. The major alteration was a bigger boot covered by a one-piece boot lid - the chassis extended rearwards by some 8in (ca. 20cm) accommodated the new “big boot”. Although the modification was only to the part of the body rear of B-post the overall impression of a sleeker looking car met with much acclaim. When compared to its short boot predecessor the Bentley R was considered by many to be a more practical and a more elegant motor car, too.

The "Corniche", Cote d'Azure's famous coastroad, offered breathtaking views.

Neither steep gradients nor inclement weather did impress the Bentley when employed to pass the Austrian Alpes.

Following a visit of the Hradschin, the castle dominating Prague, the Bentley made it onto the cover of a Czech motor magazine.

Highly recommended - not only when a Bentley is employed as transport: Castello di Roncade near Venice offers remarkably fine accomodation ((Tel.: +39 - 0422 -708736, 
Fax: +39 - 0422 - 840964).

As regards the „Car of the Month“ shown here the outward appearance isn't of major interest though - with the exception perhaps that during the recent 25 years three different colour schemes had been decided upon. The owner emphasizes that far more important is the fact, that this is a fabulous motor car for long distance touring all over Europe. Under any driving conditions the ease of control is most impressive. An added bonus is that a properly maintained Bentley R always will arrive at its destination with absolutely no problems - and will return home safely, too. Not even this car's mileage of some 500,000 miles ever caused any concern. Under the bonnet there is still the original engine and the power is transmitted by the automatic gearbox that had been fitted at the factory. “Modern” additions were limited to fitting traffic indicators and safety belts. Radials substituted the old cross-ply tyres and a CD-player/radio combination is considered to be a better choice than the original radio, because that one had been particularly prone to detect any interference of the British Empire but didn't inform about traffic news…

Are you able to spot #B77WG having been selected as one of those to be exhibited on the Grand Opening of the new "Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars European Head Office" in Berlin in November 2000? (Photo courtesy of Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars).

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