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Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow


Car of the Month - May 2010
Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow I, 1966, #CRH1806
2-Door Saloon by James Young


Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow - James Young

The coachbuilder James Young made a brave attempt to continue into the new era after  Rolls-Royce started to produce a monocoque body and no longer supplied "chassis plus engine" onto which a body was mounted. James Young in this form of a 2-Door Saloon made 35 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and 15 Bentley T. These cars at that time (mid 60s) were considerably more expensive than the mainstream 4-Door model ex-factory. Perhaps there might have been a niche for more cars to be made - however from 1966 onward Rolls-Royce themselves offered their own 2-Door Saloon, built by H.J. Mulliner, Park Ward. That was followed a year later by a 2-Door Convertible. Those products by Rolls-Royce were to that design which is nowadays known as "Corniche"; the 2-Door variants however were only from 1971 onward marketed under that name.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow - James Young

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Any of the 2-Door Saloons by James Young is a rare bird. Alas, this special-bodied motor car usually does not fetch significantly higher prices than mainstream models. This is a reflection perhaps of the fact, that James Young's creation in outward appearance doesn't differ significantly from that of the manufacturer's standard product and thus is not as attractive to collectors as previous designs by James Young. It might be a reflection, too, of the fact that almost no body parts for James Young's 2-Door Saloons are available and that makes any work tremendously expensive if just such parts were affected, e.g. by corrosion. It needs to be taken into consideration that these cars are from the early production run of the Shadow-range. So they do lack all those up-dates which over the years steadily improved that series.

Inevitably anyone interested in this design will be well advised to check if market conditions are of any interest to him before deciding to invest in repair or restoration of this 2-Door Saloon. – It isn’t necessary to mention the subject of coin, of course, should this car be a personal favourite that will be kept in pristine condition regardless of cost. No sources have yet been researched to reveal the relation of right-hand drive versus left-hand drive nor is any information known as regards the export sales of this James Young model.

Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow - James Young

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