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Car of the Month - May  2011
Bentley Azure, 2007, #7CX12457
Drophead Coupe

Bentley Mascot

Bentley motor cars created by W.O. Bentley were often enhanced by a radiator mascot in the form of an ornate „Winged B“ with horizontally mounted wings. That mascot on cars from the production at Bentley’s Cricklewood factory was later substituted by a variant designed by Charles Sykes (the sculptor who made the “Spirit of Ecstasy” for Rolls-Royce, too). However the mascot fell victim to increasingly demanding pedestrian safety legislation during the early 70ies. No longer were mascots fitted to the radiator but a Winged B emblem and that was reduced to but two dimensions.

Such situation had not changed when the re-designed version of the Bentley Azure drophead coupé (often referred to as ‘Bentley New Azure’ by aficionados for clear separation from its predecessor) was launched. The radiator showed a plain Winged B emblem – a mascot was not even available as an extra.

Bentley Azure

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However there had been development behind the stage and in 2006 a ‘Winged B’ mascot was reintroduced. That did comply with current legislation requirements, a retractable mechanism reacted on slightest impact. From then onward a client could opt e.g. for a Bentley Azure to sport this feature. The new variant met with much acclaim – indeed Bentley at Crewe has to deal with enquiries if the present variant of the “Winged B Mascot” is available in the form of pins or brooches.

Bentley Mascot

Bentley Azure

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