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Car of the Month - November 2007
Bentley Corniche,  1973, #DRB15869

Mulliner Park Ward drophead coupe

Rolls-Royce Corniche

The chassis-number of a Bentley motor car from this model-series does show a “B” as 2nd letter, i.e. the middle one. Whereas a Rolls-Royce from this series is distinguished by an "R", as indeed is the case here. Thus it is obvious from the chassis-number to any cognoscenti that here is a car that has been subject to a conversion. This motor car originally had been exported in the form of a Rolls-Royce Conriche Convertible to the USA and had been used such for many years on North American roads. After the car had returned to Europe at some later stage in its life the new owner fulfilled his desire to give this particular vehicle the outward appearance of a Bentley Corniche.

Bentley Corniche

To achieve that was neither easy nor inexpensive because quite a few components and emblems had to be substituted. It wasn’t enough to change the radiator of classic shape for the v-shaped Bentley-radiator. It was necessary to arrange for a new bonnet and front bumper, too. In addition the emblems showing the entwined RR on the chrome-plates of the twin headlamps and the wheel-discs had to be substituted by items showing the "Bentley B". And that had to appear on the instruments, too. For whatever reason though, no "Winged B" emblem was applied to the rear bumper.

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Bentley Corniche

It is known that quite a few conversions have been executed, although in most cases it is documented that such a Bentley was “up-dated” into a Rolls-Royce. More often than not the rather doubtful reason for such action had been, that in the market for pre-owned motor cars a higher price could be fetched for a Rolls-Royce than for its sister model. However for certain no such ideas had been considered in the case of the car shown here. A collector had decided to add a Bentley to those motor cars that already were in his custody but his search for a left-hand drive open Bentley in perfect condition had been to no avail. Hence he re-adjusted his ambition by acquiring a Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible and order that one to be converted into a Bentley.

Bentley Corniche

Bentley Corniche

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