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Car of the Month - October 2003
Bentley Arnage RL, 2002, #2CX19058,
long wheelbase Limousine

Wherever in the world at a major exhibition during this or the last year Bentley Motors had their stand – the new Bentley Continental GT was the crowd-stopper. The fastback coupé was most attractive with a brand-new design and impressive specifications. In addition to the development department however the special commissioning department had set a separate highlight: the Arnage RL by Mulliner. The limousine with extended wheelbase was tour de force in how to achieve the perfect combination of hand-crafted interior and most advanced technical features. Clearly Mulliner didn’t consider as incompatible high-tech equipment from the electronic era and traditional craftsmanship in true quality.

Fibre optic spot lighting in the rear compartment ensured no temperature differences could be detected – whereas conventional bulbs would have been heat-emitting. The multimedia system (DVD-player, 5.1 Dolby surround system, TV, CD-player) was controlled by a small size 'touch screen', the unit could be stored in a leather pocket. Just in case someone might enter somewhere another Arnage RL and can’t find the unit at the familiar location – no panic, it is on board. Mulliner offer an enormously wide range of bespoke treatment thus individualising a car to a customer’s needs. Perhaps the unit might be found stowed in the rear bridge console, if that had been fitted on this particular car? It must be no disadvantage, if first a pop-up drinks bar containing decanters and tumblers is found or a cedar wood cigar humidor…

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To leave such exquisite details to the passengers from time to time and decide on the place behind the steering wheel, isn't entirely disappointing. The Bentley Arnage RL's powerful acceleration is spontaneous. The road holding is exhilarating; almost unbelievable for a car of such dimensions. Bentley Motors' management has given to understand that next years motor car exhibitions might see the launch of a new four-door model, based on the Bentley Continental GT. Most presumably such a new model, of course, will be the swan-song of the model-series Arnage – so it is no crystal-ball vision to state that the Arnage RL by Mulliner will become a very rare motor car.

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