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Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, #LCA39, 1961,
Sedanca de Ville by F.L.M. Panelcraft

Silver Cloud II Sedanca de Ville

Presumably it has been part of Rolls-Royce's success that the company has always been keen to fulfil any desire even by slightly eccentric customers. In 1961 it was not unusual when a wish for custom-built coachwork was expressed - the company offered a perfectly suitable basis in the form of the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II, which was delivered complete or as chassis cum engine only. It was rather unusual though when a client ordered a body in the form of a Sedanca de Ville to be fitted to that chassis. After all those days had gone when chauffeur was exposed to the elements while passengers were protected in comfort. However just such an outdated design was ordered by Nubar Gulbenkian, one of the most wealthy men in the world. He was a well-known customer to Rolls-Royce - and his sometimes strange styling ideas were well-known too.

Silver Cloud II Sedanca de Ville , FasciaWhen he asked for an interior with no visible wood this was dealt with by covering the fascia and the division's capping completely with leather.


Silver Cloud II Sedanca de Ville, rear compartmentA second clock and a separate speedometer to inform the passengers in the rear compartment was built into the division: Specially upholstered rear seats with back-rests of different heights were not considered as a problem.


Silver Cloud II Sedanca de VilleSome more work was necessary because rear-hinged rear doors had been asked for (the standard body did show front-hinged rear doors) and headlamps as well as taillamps were distinctively to special design. But topping it all was the roof with its Sedanca hood operated by a most complicated electro-mechanism.

F.L.M. Panelcraft built the body in conjunction with Rolls-Royce - the company arranged a one-off handbook to be printed for this unique motor car. After this Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II Sedanca de Ville had been stored for several years in a collection in Germany it recently came into the custody of an enthusiast in France.

Silver Cloud II Sedanca de Ville
Silver Cloud II Sedanca de Ville


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