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Rolls-Royce - The Post-War Phantoms IV, V, VI

Rolls-Royce Phantom VI
(1968 - 1991)

Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, 1969, #PRH4595, Mulliner Park Ward Limousine
Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, 1969, #PRH4595, Mulliner Park Ward Limousine. The coachwork was built in an unhurried process to the methods of traditional coachbuilding.

Though it had been expressed that the days of motor cars of the like of the Phantom V were undoubtedly numbered in 1968 Rolls-Royce launched the Phantom VI as a logical progression keeping up the luxurious and high standards set in the past. The Phantom VI had a re-styled facia and was powered by an engine developed from that of the current Silver Shadow. An increase in capacity to 6,750 cc in 1979 was coupled with the introduction of a 3-speed automatic gearbox instead of the previously employed 4-speed automatic gearbox. This last specimen of a passenger motor car with separate chassis produced by Rolls-Royce was offered until 1991. The Mulliner Park Ward factory at Willesden, where with but very few exceptions all Phantom VIs had been fitted with handcrafted bodies, was closed in 1991 after a few additional sets of panels had been shaped for storage to be available in case of accident.

Technical Data:
8 cylinder 90 degree V-configuration, aluminium-silicon alloy cylinder block with cast iron wet cylinder liners, bore x stroke 104.14 x 91.44 mm (4.1 x 3.6 in), capacity 6,230 cc (from 1979 bore x stroke 104.14 x 99.6 mm (4.1 x 3.9 in), capacity 6,750 cc; from 1982 equipped with Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit engine); aluminium alloy cylinder heads; twin SU-carburettors (from 1975 single Solex carburettor, twin SU carburettors only remained on export models for Canada, Japan and Australia); 4-speed automatic gearbox (from 1979 3-speed automatic gearbox with torque converter standard); independent front suspension with coil springs, semi-elliptic springs rear; drum brakes servo-assisted; wheelbase 3,683 mm (145 in); tyre size 8.90 x 15 (armoured versions tyre size 7.50 x 16)

Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, 1969, #PRH4560, Mulliner Park Ward Limousine
Rolls-Royce Phantom VI, 1969, #PRH4560, Mulliner Park Ward Limousine. One of the last cars with rear-hinged rear doors; stricter safety legislation later was met by an alteration to front-hinged rear doors. Note the special Baroda Blue cloth woven to order by the renowned company Winterbothom, Strachan & Playne.

No. made:
374 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI

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