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Car of the Month - September 2010
Bentley Continental
Convertible by Mulliner Park Ward

Bentley Continental

Reportedly an ever increasing community exist that is keen to detect spots in movies that show an incorrect peculiarity, e.g. in a movie featuring a horse race in ancient Rome an actor who is wearing a writswatch or in a movie about a king from the Middle Ages evidence of a jetplane flying through the sky. Well then, from your schooldays you’ll remember the Romans had an idiom for that: “Errare humanum est.” Hence it is no wonder that brochures published by Bentley were no exception.

Bentley Continental

When checking a glossy brochure from 1987 informing about Bentley’s model range it has been detected that just as regards the Bentley Continental – as a coachbuilt car the convertible was significantly more expensive than the mainstream models – an error is obvious. To highlight all the special features which were listed for this model year erroneously a photo was selected that obviously showed a Bentley Continental to “old specifications”. The headlamp wipers nowadays are considered a particularly attractive feature. However to fit such had been abandoned. 1987 model year’s series standard was to fit aluminium alloy wheels on Bentley Continental – whereas the car illustrated showed steel wheel rims and stainless steel wheel discs from the past. Indeed there is proof that the photo-series, from which this photo came, had been taken years ago; photos from exactly this series were used in previous publications by the manufacturer.  Bentley Continental Brochure


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Such an error could have been avoided, if only the correct details from the ‘Specifications’ that clearly listed “Wheels  Material  Aluminium Alloy” had been checked against the details as per photo. However such a  good reason would have been eliminated to mention the company’s established policy of constantly enhancing their products by implementing improvements to the designs. Over the years there were certain alterations as regards outward appearance and interior features. The technical components were subject to major alterations, too, e.g. by 1987 carburettors had been substituted by a mechanical Bosch fuel-injection system.

Nonetheless this particular brochure should be cherished; if only to proof that the statement from the movie “Some like it hot” is correct: “Nobody is perfect!”

Bentley Continental

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